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Certified Membership (CMaPS)

The new CMaPS category is designed to offer existing IMaPS members or eligible non-members a means of acquiring and demonstrating high level of skills, knowledge and experience. 

In response to the growing focus within the industry on mitigating Health risks in construction, the four specialist knowledge areas required for CMaPS Membership must include the mandatory Health knowledge area. 

Understanding of the required knowledge areas will be assessed by the need to take individual online examinations. 

Is this for me?

Perfect if you wish to demonstrate to Clients or your organisation a high level of skills, knowledge and experience and proven ability in specialist areas of knowledge.

What is the annual cost?

There is a £150 initial application fee. Thereafter subscription fees will be £175 annually. 

If you are transitioning from IMaPS to CMaPS you will not have to pay the £150 initial CMaPS application fee. 

Eligibility criteria

New applicants will have to prove that you have 22 credit points or more, complete and and pass both the online CDM2015 examination (exam exempt if you have completed an APS accredited course) and telephone interview. Once you have completed these steps, you will need to complete 4 specialist knowledge examinations, one being the mandatory Occupational Health exam plus 3 others of your choosing. This will complete your application process.

Application Form

Please complete the  online PDF application form and once we verify that you meet the eligibility criteria we'll get in touch.

Application forms and all supporting evidence should be returned by email to membership@aps.org.uk.

Application Guidance Notes

To find out more about applying, download our guidance document. For further advice, please contact the Membership Department on 0131 442 6600.

Table of credit points

Download this document to assist you in self-assessing your points within the qualifications section of your application. You will need this to apply for CMaPS. 

There are three tables of credits, each designed to correspond to the appropriate box within the qualifications section of the CMaPS application form. All Design related qualifications start with an APS reference D; Health and Safety qualifications start with an APS reference H: and all Construction qualifications start with an APS reference C.

What post-nominal letters can I use?

As a Certified Member you will be entitled to use CMaPS to promote your name to clients, industry and your organisation.

What are the benefits?

One of the key benefits is that members will be able to demonstrate to their Clients a wider detailed knowledge of construction Health and Safety by having been examined in four specialist ‘knowledge areas’.

In line with APS’ commitment to health issues in the industry, all CMaPS applicants will be required to pass the “Health” exam.



Northern Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man

If you only practice in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and/or Jersey you will remain as Registered Member of APS. You will not be eligible to apply for IMaPS or CMaPS until the new regulations come into force within your region.

If you practice in Northern Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man and also within the UK you may have already taken the APS CDM2015 online examination to become an IMaPS member  If not you will need to take the online CDM2015 exam when the local legislation changes, and if passed successfully you may be eligible to apply for CMaPS.


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