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How to post a job advert

These are the prices for placing one job advert for a maximum of two months.

Member/non-member type


APS Corporate member


APS individual member

£150.00 + VAT

Non member organisation or individual

£170.00 + VAT

Recruitment agency

£250.00 + VAT

Recruitment agency multiple adverts

£400.00 + VAT


Please send your information to info@aps.org.uk and put 'Job advert' in the subject line



Please supply the copy to us in word format.  If you have a pdf, please send that as well, but not in place of a Word document. 

As well as the description of the role, please don’t forget to include:

  • The location 

  • A contact name and telephone number/email for the candidate

  • Instructions on how the candidate should apply, e.g. ‘Send your CV to Jbloggs@xxx… ’ or ‘Download an application form’

  • Information about the salary, e.g. £35,000 PA or ‘Salary based on experience’ or similar

  • The closing date if there is one.

Maximum time the advert is live
If you do not provide a closing date, we will take the job down after 2 months.   

If you would like to the job to remain on the website for a further term of 2 months, please get in touch with us as soon as possible before the end of that period to arrange payment.  It is your responsibility to get in touch to request a further term and to make payment for it (see Payment below). Registered/corporate members who do not pay for job adverts should get in touch and advise they wish the job advert to remain for a further two months. 

Application forms
If the candidate needs to fill out an application form, we can attach this for the candidate to download.  We can also include a link to your online application form.  These will sit in a ‘call out’ box to the right hand side of the job advert text.  If you are sending a downloadable application form, please send either a pdf or word document.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all relevant legislation, such as Equality and Diversity etc., is adhered to. APS does not take any responsibility for this.  

Spelling and grammar
You must proof your advert for spelling and grammar before you send it as we do not do this. Once the job advert is live we will email you the link and you can send back any changes you would like made.

We need payment in full before we will upload your job advert. Once we have received payment your job advert we will put it on the website typically within 2 to 3 working days and guaranteed by 5 working days.  

Payment methods
You can pay by cheque, BACS or credit card.

By cheque

We will upload the job once funds are cleared into our account. Your cheque should be made payable to 'The Association for Project Safety'.  Please send it to: The Association for Project Safety, 5 New Mart Place, Edinburgh, EH14 1RW

BACS payment account details:

Bank: RBS​
Sort Code: 83-51-00
Account No: 00216436

Credit card:

Phone APS on 0131 442 6600 and explain you wish to pay for a job advert. Have your card ready. We will take your payment over the phone.


If you wish a receipt, please email or tell APS where you would like the receipt sent.


Email your job advert information

Email it to info@aps.org.uk  Don't forget to check you have included everything.