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What counts towards membership CPD?

As the table below demonstrates, we recognise a wide range of activity that is relevant to the CDM and construction health and safety risk management work that you carry out.

CPD activity




Max points

(per event)



Attend APS national CPD T 2 points per hour 9 24
Attend APS regional CPD T 2 points per hour 8 8
Attend APS convention T 2 points per hour 12 12
Attend APS fellows forum T 2 points per hour 6 6


CPD to members

T 3 points per hour 9 12

Presenting CPD

to other institutions

E 2 points per hour 8 12

Writing practice

notes for APS

T 3 points per hour 9 9
Self-directed CPD E 1 points per hour 6 0

PDR, exam

or other

E 2 points per hour 12 12
How much self-directed CPD do I need to undertake?

All members must undertake a minimum of 6 hours of self-directed CPD per year. This could include reading relevant publications, Digest, journals etc. 

What is tracked activity?

This refers to activity that may be tracked by our Membership Department. This information includes your attendance at APS events or seminars and will be stored on your record. 

What is evidenced activity?

You may be required to submit evidence of CPD activity to support a new membership application or claim. Evidence could be an examination certificate, presentations made etc.  

What CPD can I record?

Every (full) member is required to gain at least 24 CPD points. These can include attendance at seminars, preparation for seminars, self-certified, reading etc. 

Keeping a CPD record

You may be required to submit your CPD record as part of random checking by our Membership Department. To keep your records up-to-date please include the following:

  • Self-directed CPD with a note of hours, topics and relevance to your work;
  • APS national and regional events attended and duration;
  • APS convention including Fellows Forum (FMaPS only);
  • CPD presentations made: duration, topic and relevance;
  • Other relevant courses attended.