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What is BIM?

There are many definitions of what Building information modeling (BIM) is and in many ways it depends on your point of view or what you seek to gain from the approach.  Sometimes it’s easier to say what BIM isn’t!

  • It’s not just 3D CAD;
  • It’s not just a new technology application;
  • It’s not next generation, it here and now!

BIM is essentially value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them.

BIM Overlay

Download the RIBA BIM overlay to find out more.

What is the benefits case for BIM?

There has been much written about benefits - the BIM Task Group provide a great list of FAQs to help answer your questions. Find out more. 

How do you use BIM?

Other than a digital-tool set you don’t actually use BIM, it is way of working, it’s what you do: information modelling and information management in a team environment.

The rich 3D experience; digital simulations; rehearsals of all stages of the design, build and operate process; and the information within the models facilitate well informed decision making resulting in better business outcomes, clarity, improved communication, de-risking and ultimately better efficiency.