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Webinar: Secured by Design

In addition to our Regional and National CPD, we are introducing a series of topical webinars.  These will be online, interactive live sessions where you will be able to learn about a construction related topic from the convenience of your home/workplace  What's more, you will gain 2 CPD points for attending. The first webinar will cover the topic: Secured by Design. 

Secured by Design

In ​recent ​times ​acts ​of ​terrorism ​are ​becoming ​horribly ​more ​frequent ​by ​targeting ​individuals, ​public ​spaces, ​and ​organisations. ​ ​Designers, ​Principal ​Designers, ​and ​Clients ​need ​to ​consider ​the ​spaces ​they ​are ​designing ​to ​safe ​guard ​these ​(as ​far ​as ​is ​reasonably ​practicable), ​utilising ​the ​best ​information ​and ​resource ​that ​is ​available ​to ​us ​to ​mitigate ​against ​a ​terrorism ​event. 

Clive ​Johnson ​the ​Group ​Head ​of ​Health, ​Safety ​& ​Security ​for ​Landsec ​will ​be ​presenting ​and ​discussing ​his ​experiences ​in ​the ​impact ​of ​anti-terrorism ​and ​how ​at ​Landsec ​they ​are ​trying ​to ​address ​the ​changing ​terrorism ​climate ​in ​the ​environments ​that ​we ​occupy. 

Key benefits:

Clive’s webinar will provide a real and practical insight into the application of anti-terrorism measures within the built environment and how health and safety impacts can be mitigated.  This event is an extremely interesting and thought-provoking element of any construction health and safety professional’s (whether an APS Member or not) continuing professional development as it provides attendees with the latest information, delivered in a thoroughly engaging way.

Who should attend?

Any construction professional, particularly those with an interest in this subject matter and how the latest developments can provide much improved design solutions and benefits to their clients.

When: Tuesday 18 May

Where: Online 

CPD ponts: 2


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