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The APS regional elections 2019

The elections to vote in the members of your regional committee starts next month with the first part of the process - the nominations period - starting on Monday 10 June.   The second part of the process is the election period and takes place in July.  

Nominations period 2019: Monday 10 June – Sunday 30 June

This is when APS members are nominated to stand for election.  
How to become a nominee:
You’ll need three APS members to nominate you
Download the nominations form (available from 10th June on this website and by email)
Fill it in, including details of the three people nominating you and make sure you provide a detailed supporting statement. The statement is your chance to explain why members should vote for you.  
Send in your completed form to HQ by the nominations period closing date.   

Election period 2019: Monday 8 July – Sunday 28 July

Candidates standing for election:  Once we have your nominations forms we will put your information onto the electronic ballot paper and send this out to all APS members in the region you are standing in. 
All APS members: You will receive an electronic ballot paper with all the nominees standing in your region.  You can vote for more than one nominee.  


The results of the 2019 regional elections will be published in early August.

New committees

The new committees start from 1 October 2019.