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APS Principal Designer/Adviser Resource Estimator 2015 - Digital Version

Use of the APS Resource Estimator is subject to the APS Websites General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which can be found at www.aps.org.uk

Copyright of the APS Resource Estimator programme(s) remains vested in The Association For Project Safety Limited.

All data entered into the Resource Estimator is encrypted with 128 Bit technology to prevent unauthorised access by third parties. No identifiable personal data is stored or used by the Association for Project Safety (i.e. name, address, membership number, project name etc.). All data collected through the Resource Estimator is totally anonymous and used for the sole purpose of preparing benchmarking reports to further the promotion of APS CDM Co-ordinators within the construction industry and for informing the APS Membership generally.

Details retained by APS for use in preparing a Benchmarking Report are limited to the following items:

APS Member – Yes or No
Type of Project
Date of Estimate
Design Phase Duration
Construction Phase Duration
Estimated Construction Cost
Number of Designers involved
Construction Procurement Route
Percentage Fees for different Services.


Digital Licensing

In order to purchase licences as either a Registered Member or Registered Practice, please verify your APS Membership by logging in using your APS Website Username and Password.
If you have forgotten your APS Username and Password please call 08456 121 290


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