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'Since winning business approaches have increased'

23/04/2019 - 12:06PM

Cowry Consulting, who deliver behavioural economics and change programmes, won first prize in 2018 in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing category, for their work on the Shell Tower Refresh Project. In the third of our series of Q and A interviews with previous award winners, we spoke with Pippa Pennycook, Senior Behavioural Designer, who helped put the winning submission together

APS: Did you find the submission process relatively straightforward?

Pippa: As a company relatively new to entering awards and specifically within this sector, the submission process was simple to understand and engage with which was really helpful.

APS: Were you surprised when you won?

Pippa: We were quite surprised as we were an 'outsider' to the category, with an entry that was taking an innovative new direction, so we were really pleased to see that the APS was open to ideas and concepts outside the norm.

APS: How has being an award winner helped you?

Pippa: Since winning this award we've seen an increase in companies approaching us and it also gives us an additional stamp of authority for both construction and non-construction projects and clients in the future.

APS: What tips would you give anyone applying this year?

Lisa: When applying to the APS awards, we built on the foundations and our motivations for the project itself and focused on telling the story of how we reached our final (and award winning) outcomes. I believe this helped the judges to really understand our project and the positive impact it could have in a realworld setting. I would recommend current applicants to do the same.

Source: APS

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Hear from previous winnners...

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