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Why Waterstons couldn't wait to sponsor our construction hackathon

15/03/2017 - 02:18PM

When it comes to promoting digital innovation in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector, Waterstons jumped at the chance. We caught up with Waterstons Director, Alistair McLeod who gave us a bit of an insight on why they couldn't wait to come on board as a sponsor of the APS Hackathon:

What made you sponsor the event?
The Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector is one of our primary sectors at Waterstons, and we know that Health and Safety is a big priority for the industry. We focus on creating value for our customers through technology and the aim of the hackathon is aligned to this, which is why we were so keen to be involved as both sponsors and participants.
As a company do you believe in innovation?

Innovation is enormously important to us at Waterstons. We solve business problems through technology and so innovation and creativity underpins the solutions we provide. We invest heavily in our peoples’ skills and in research and development.
At Waterstons we regularly hold our own hack days which allow our people to spend some time away from their day-to-day roles being super creative, solving problems, playing around with new technology and continually learning as they go. Recently, we’ve even begun inviting our clients along to join in the experience with us.

In addition to sponsoring the APS Hackathon we are actually running a working group at the moment on Augmented and Virtual Reality in the AEC sector. There is one planned in Newcastle at the end March and encourage any upcoming delegates or APS members to take a look. Click on the coloured box for more info. 
Some final words 
The APS Hackathon is a really progressive approach to solving challenges in construction with technology. Health and Safety may be seen as a dry topic to some, but throw in some creativity, teamwork, innovation and code and the result will be a really inspired event with valuable outcomes. I am sure the whole sector will benefit from organisations such as APS pushing the boundaries of technology innovation. 


Source: APS

Working group: Augmented and Virtual Reality in the AEC sector

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