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New Member resource - Fact Sheets

16/05/2017 - 05:14AM

As part of continuous improvement, Policy and Standards Manager, Colin Seditas has been looking at ways to improve the resources we offer our Members.

Colin noticed that while we offer comprehensive Practice Notes on key topics, we didn't have a resource for those Members who just wanted a quick refresher on a topic. 

We, your APS are now creating Fact Sheets on a range of key issues for construction risk management.

For each topic, we will be providing a concise, simplified overview with sources of further information for full legal provisions and additional technical detail. 

How do I access these Fact Sheets?

Fact Sheets are accessible from the Shop and you need to be logged in as a member in order to download them. Once logged in as a Member, click on shop from the main menu, and choose Fact Sheets from the drop down. 

Will there be a range of issues covered?

Our first topic is available and is on the topic of Asbestos, but we are looking to cover a range of topics over the coming year. 

What is in it for me?

Currently, these Fact Sheets are completely free of charge to Members and are a quick refresher on key topics affecting construction risk management.


Source: APS