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Letter from Lesley - winter, climate change and APS.

08/11/2019 - 01:00PM

So, winter is back with a vengeance.

I am heart sore for people in the north of England facing homes and businesses flooded out after this week’s heavy rains. But, certainly, severe rains and consequent flooding, seem to be becoming a feature of British life. This is a subject which is not likely to go away any time soon - and most probably - is only set to get worse, at least in the short term. But whether you buy into the totality of this or not the construction industry needs to think about what can be done.

Many people put this down to climate change and the effects of man-made global warming. There is a role for APS members in helping developers, council planners and other clients mitigate risks at the design stage - either at, or before, any project is spade ready or when a redevelopment is planned.  And the design and construction health and safety risk management implications are obviously something HQ will have to look at when developing CPD and delivering webinars. 

Beyond APS the association needs to be at the heart of any industry-wide thinking on climate change. You may be interested that the Construction Industry Council [CIC] is setting up an expert group to look at what the sector can do. Stella, our President, has taken up a much-deserved place on the group and we will be reporting back from her as the group gets underway.

In the meantime there are some industry presentations we can share with you all. You can read and download them on the right of the page.

Source: APS