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Letter from Lesley: Why APS rewards the best in class

12/04/2019 - 01:01PM

You know what it’s like: the sun is shining all week and just as the weekend hoves into view the clouds descend. That’s what we are facing in Edinburgh today when I was hoping that a nice spring day would let me get the garden under control and my poor Mum out of the house.

Mum has been staying with me for a bit as she has broken her arm. Nothing quite brings home to you the need to take care with the everyday than seeing just how incapacitated a simple - and easily prevented - injury has left her.  All she was doing was putting out her washing when a moment’s inattention saw her topple over and fall hard against her shed. It’s the kind of little thing that, if I had thought about it, could have been avoided as I would have put the washing line in a more sensible place.

I know this is a trivial example, and hardly life threatening, but it illustrates the heart of what you all do day in/ day out. And perhaps the very mundane nature of much of prevention also serves to underline why it can be so hard to get it through to other people the importance of design and construction health and safety risk management.

At APS we know the value of careful thought and planning. And we believe the best in class should be recognised – not just because it’s nice to get a bit of recognition but because showcasing the best can be a beacon to encourage others to up their game.

There is about a month to go for entries to this year’s annual APS CDM and student designer awards. If you have a project that highlights how to tackle health and safety problems don’t hide it away – let it show others the right way to do things so, together, we can continue to cut the deaths, injuries and ill-health associated with construction. Find out how to enter on the right-hand side of the page.  

Source: APS

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