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Letter from Lesley: We urgently need your help and expertise

05/07/2019 - 11:54AM

Calling all members in England - I need you to do something for me. And you are uniquely placed to help.

The APS has had a request from the Construction Industry Council [CIC] to take an urgent look at new guidance that has been sent out on the safety of wooden balconies. The circular has been issued by the Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government [MHCLG] and concerns have been raised about the information. In particular our colleagues at Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are worried that the information is in conflict with Approved Document B.  It doesn’t look – despite efforts to get officials to rethink - as if the Ministry is currently prepared to budge or revise what it has said, so the CIC is trying to build up a document – with technical information, case studies and examples – that can be presented when the Council meets officials later this month.

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish colleagues

Colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may also like to take a look at the documents too. Just because the guidance applies to buildings in England, it doesn’t mean that professionals in the devolved administrative areas would not have useful things to say. You may have different experiences to draw on and lessons that could be shared.

This cry for help goes to show that APS members have expertise to share that will make a real difference to the lives and wellbeing or workers and users of construction projects across the country. 

Tell me what you think

If you let me know what you think about the issue of wooden balconies and their effect on the spread of fires, I’ll collate your responses and get that back to the CIC.

How to let me know:

Please email me: lesley.mcleod@aps.org.uk (or via box on right) by noon on Wednesday 10 July 2019. I know the timescale is tight but the meeting schedule is out of my control. 

Source: APS

Building control circular on wooden balconies
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