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Letter from Lesley: We are going to have to talk about Brexit

11/01/2019 - 10:42AM

There is no avoiding it. We are going to have to talk about Brexit.

The Association for Project Safety has no view on the merits of any political stance or position – that is not our role. What we are for is to make sure that, no matter what happens in the ‘meaningful vote’ next week or after the end of March or even next year, our members are able to make a success of the world in which they work. Our Brexit information page is now live. Click in the box on the right-hand side to visit it.  You'll also be able to read regular articles with our legal expert, Gillian Birkby's thoughs on how it might affect health and safety risk management.  

We are also going to try to help get you the answers to any questions you might have about the UK’s new relationship with our European neighbours and what that will mean for health and safety.  Send in your questions about Brexit and we’ll do our best to answer them.  Send them to rosalind.grozier@aps.org.uk or click here to do so and we will do our best to get a purely factual answer for you. After all, if you are thinking about any particular issue it’s almost certainly the case that there are loads more of you out there concerned about exactly the same thing.

Oh! And one more thing. Look out for the monthly e-bulletin which will be hitting your in-box next week.

Source: APS

Brexit: keeping you informed