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Letter from Lesley: On the general election

13/12/2019 - 02:59PM

Unusually for me I was out of the country when doors opened at polling stations round the country. I’d left for a break in Italy having already voted by post. I will be returning to a changed nation.

Watching the results from another country also gives you a different perspective on Britain and its politics.

People are bemused. The sight of a country once considered phlegmatic and rational consumed and divided by Brexit has in turns amused and horrified. The prospect of something solid and decisive will be welcome - even where people don’t like the political colour of the party in power.

Exiting the EU will inevitably take up much of the bandwidth in Parliament in the coming session but there is now a clear blue majority for a domestic agenda. This may have consequences for construction although I can’t see much changing in the short term. What APS - and partners across the sector - must do now is ensure our own house is in order and to be sure of our ‘asks’ for a time when the legislative and regulatory spotlight turns on us.

Source: APS