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Letter from Lesley: Money is no substitute for good planning

10/05/2019 - 03:56PM

Money is, clearly, not everything.

If I had all the cash in Christendom I’d still not be able to wind back the clock to the moment before my Mum fell and broke her hip. If I was as rich as Creosus I still couldn’t make the break heal faster or get us home any quicker.

Money wouldn’t solve the problem but, as they say, it would let me be miserable in more comfort.

And in its way there is a real lesson for life in this. Throwing dosh at any project or problem will never be a substitute for thinking things through in advance. Risk management doesn’t really require jingle but it does need to be given space at the front of our thoughts. We need to: use our carefully collated skills and knowledge; build on the experience we have developed and thoughtfully considered; and learn from all the lessons we have been learned.

And even the lessons we have learned from others.  Thank you to everyone who has entered this year’s APS CDM and student designer awards. To everyone else there is still just time for a last gap submission - your last chance for 2919 is midnight tonight. Details on the right of this page.  

A good life and a successful career is not the noughts at the end of our bank balance. It is not the magpie bright and shiny. It is not even about being right. It is about learning from our mistakes, passing on what we know, the relationships we have made and fostered and the legacy we leave behind.

Source: APS

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