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Letter from Lesley: A little good can go a long way

18/04/2019 - 02:54PM

Easter is, for many people, a time of great joy and renewal. Of all the festivals of the faith in which I grew up it is the one I like the most.  I love the message, the glorious music and the munchies. I’ve just heard from my brother’s children thanking me for the chocolate parcel that has arrived in Leatherhead.

For me the message of Easter gets to the heart of what we believe. I know that it can be about sacrifice for some and remembrance for others but I see it as a clarion call to get out there and do some good.

I am not a spiritual person and I’m no philosopher, so I have no deep insight to presume to offer. But I think Easter - and Holy Week - can show us all a model of living a good life. Don’t lord it over other people assuming you should be treated like a king; enjoy friendship and time spent together; don’t make promises you can’t keep but value loyalty when you find it; challenge authority when it is wrong, regardless of personal cost; forgive mistakes; and, after the dust has settled, go out an lead by example.

I don’t mean to trivialise anyone’s belief or draw any deep comparisons. But little actions all add up. APS can be a small cog in the bigger wheel helping make people safer and healthier. There needs to be a dual-aspect approach: a no-fault discussion of things that have gone wrong so people are not afraid to put their hands up so everyone can learn; and a celebration of best practice so people have leaders to follow.

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In the meantime I hope you have a joyous time this weekend with family and friends or, if you are by yourself, you are content in your own company. Happy Easter.

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