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Letter from Lesley: It's time to skill up and pull together for the future

06/09/2019 - 02:29PM

The major take away from this year's APS National Conference, which took place on Wednesday - apart from sore feet and happy hearts on the part of the headquarters’ team - was that change is coming and the construction sector, across all its disciplines, needs to skill up and pull together.

There was, in presentation after presentation, a realisation that the industry cannot, after Grenfell, rest where it is. Nor will, or should it, be allowed to.

Grenfell, and other high profile issues ( from the Scottish Schools inquiry, the Murundi Bridge disaster or the ongoing debate over HS2 ), will bring regulatory and legislative change as well as having an impact on working practices.

We are at a point where our fate remains, largely in our own hands. APS is determined to revise, reshape and bolster our training offering to deliver more and better information, widen access to increasing numbers of members and industry partners and still remain flexible and fleet of foot with subjects that are current and relevant.

This is not the work of a moment- or even a few months. But we are determined to help all members and colleagues rise to the challenges we face now and those which are still unseen over the horizon.

APS will be there for you.

But, in the meantime, we are having a breather this weekend after the hard work of Wednesday. Save the date now for next year’s conference on 2 September 2020 in Guildford.

I am sure, like me, you will want to thank all the staff for their commitment and ceaseless good humour.

Source: APS