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Letter from Lesley: Countdown to the APS conference

30/08/2019 - 12:06PM

Every building needs strong foundations - and most projects require scaffolding to ensure the walls go up, straight and true, brick on brick, course by course. Everyone involved in design and construction health and safety risk management knows that a huge part of the success and safety of any build is determined by the thought, care and hard work that goes in before the work starts on site and certainly long before the keys are handed over to a – hopefully – happy client.

The same is true for events.

This Wednesday the Association for Project Safety will hold its annual general meeting and its annual conference and awards in Sheffield. I hope and believe delegates and guests will have a good and productive day. I know they will see a professionally executed event with well-presented material and an attractive display of the work of our short-listed entrants to this year’s APS CDM and Student Designer Awards. I am very grateful to our exhibitors and sponsors for their support – we, genuinely, could not do this without you.

I hope the day seems seamless. I’ve got butterflies - but in a good way - as I know we have done everything we can to make things go well.

So, I want to take a moment today to say, ‘thank you’ to all the headquarters’ staff who have made this major member event possible. No matter what happens on the day I know you will cope with the unforeseen and I know there is nothing more you could have done to make things a success. You haven’t wasted money on expensive bought-in organisers and you have all worked your socks off in your own areas.

Like any major construction project the unsung heroes are the guys in the background and the army of people who worked on the bits no one sees at the big reveal. Some of you will have your own chance to thank those staff on duty next week but the team staffing the phones back at base are every bit as much part of APS’s success. 

What delegates see on Wednesday is not just the day itself – it is all the work that went in beforehand. I am very proud and honoured to work with this supremely dedicated team. They have my unerring support. I know they will have your thanks.

Source: APS

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There's still time to book to attend the APS conference at Sheffield Hallam University next Wednesday. 

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Top flight speakers on the future of CDM in view of the proposed review in 2020.