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Letter from Lesley: be safe on site over the summer

19/07/2019 - 12:29PM

Scottish schools have been on holiday for a couple of weeks but I am aware that, in the English system, the big summer break is just about to start. My brother - an architect with Atkins - and family will be heading off to Greece and it reminds me just how many sites still go into slow-mode for summer.

I know it is not as all encompassing as it once was but, perhaps, it’s worth taking a bit of chill out time to consider the health and safety impacts of the summer shut down. 

Site security is clearly top of the list as an unattended site is an invitation to youngsters looking for a bit of adventure. Then there is the risk to staff when fewer colleagues have to take up the physical strain. Don’t try heavy lifting alone and have a care to where deliveries are left and materials stored.

It’s all common sense stuff and helps with the bottom line too as an insecure site isn’t just a dangerous playground but an unattended sweetie-shop for thieves.

That said, enjoy the summer while it is here.  It doesn't last forever.  It's just over six weeks now till our annual conference and awards in September in Sheffield.  It's going to be a fantastic conference with top flight speakers including the President of CIAT, Alexander  Narain as we consider CDM2020 and consider a blueprint for the future.   

It's going to be a particularly exciting event this year as the APS CDM and Student awards form part of the morning's programme and this year we'll announce the winner of our just-launched APS member of the year nominated by you.  There's more information about the award and the nominations form on the right of this page so if you know someone who goes above and beyond in health and safety - tell us and see them get the recognition they deserve. 

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and hope to see you at conference in September. 


Source: APS

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