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Just what is a hackathon?

24/01/2017 - 12:32PM

A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and other including subject matter experts, collaborate intensively on software projects. Hackathons typically last between a day and a week. Some hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus. You don’t have to be a geek or expert coder to get involved. Anyone with a genuine passion and interest is welcome. 

What happens when gamers meet designers?

Well, we don’t yet know but here at the APS we are is hoping to find out with our inaugural Health and Safety Hackathon - being held from the 17th - 19th March. We are sure we'll witness the creative fireworks you might expect when two very different worlds collide.


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