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IOSH Managing Safely v.5.0 gets major digital upgrade

18/08/2017 - 09:31AM

International Workplace has launched a brand new digital version of its most popular health and safety training course for managers.

Its new IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course is built in HTML 5 for study on a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Based on the latest version 5.0 of the IOSH syllabus, the course contains nearly 25,000 lines of new code. Both the course – and International Workplace’s new learning platform – come packed with innovative features for learners, and new technology for employers who want to run IOSH Managing Safely online through their own LMS.

Learners can study anytime, anywhere and on any device, without losing data even if their internet connection is disrupted. The new interactive workbook feature lets them build their own personalised revision and reference guide as they progress through the course. And with a host of audio visual content, tutor and technical support, and interaction with the learner community, it promises to be an engaging and rewarding experience for everyone. Employers looking to deliver IOSH Managing Safely throughout their organisation can utilise International Workplace’s learning platform to interact with their own LMS or reporting systems. The course can be corporate-branded, and integrated with corporate LDAP and ADFS single-sign-on systems, or any simpleSAML authentication protocol, to give employees access to the course without needing to log in again. 

For employers with their own corporate LMS, the use of Tin Can xAPI (the modern replacement for SCORM) to provide tracking allows the course to be launched from their own LMS for a seamless user experience, while tracking remains under International Workplace’s control, as required by IOSH. An associated Reporting API ensures that employers can import progress data back into their own system if they want to.

International Workplace has created a free, no obligation trial to let learners and L&D professionals study Module 1 of the seven-module course for free, at www.internationalworkplace.com/iosh-managing-safely-try-now.


International Workplace’s Managing Director, David Sharp commented:

“Our brand new IOSH Managing Safely eLearning course has been over a year in the making. Like all our new eLearning courses, it has been built in HTML 5, making the course content as responsive and accessible as possible. The tablet and smartphone experience is particularly rewarding. Our next generation learning platform has been built on the Tin Can xAPI platform, which allows for much more granular reporting than SCORM, and a more reliable user experience. We’re excited about the possibilities these developments bring not just for learners, but for employers and for partners. The course can be re-branded for re-sale to their own customers or suppliers. And it can be readily translated into different languages or adapted for use in different geographical regions.”


For more information, contact Heidi Thompson, Head of Learning and Development, tel. +44 (0)333 210 1995 or email heidi.thompson@internationalworkplace.com.


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