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International experts join the world wide fight against fire

09/11/2018 - 03:42PM

Leading lights in fire safety have been appointed by the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition [IFSS] to help improve building safety worldwide. A core group of twenty-two leading fire safety experts was appointed to the coalition’s standards setting committee that will work to develop landmark industry standards for fire safety in buildings.
APS Past-president Bobby Chakravarthy – who is a founder member and represents the association on the IFSS - said that in an increasingly globalised construction market there needed to consistent principles so fire safety could be tackled internationally. The standards aim to overcome the risk to public safety that can arise when there is confusion and uncertainty arising from different rules for materials testing and certification, building regulations or codes and standards on how buildings are managed. Chakravarthy said the standards being developed at an international level would provide guidance so professionals could improve safety locally. 
Past-President Bobby Chakravarthy said:
“The standard of fire safety needs to be improved at home and overseas. This is why the Association for Project Safety [APS] is part of the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition [IFSS] and why we are working with our partner organisations across the world to develop consistent standards which will take the guess work out of fire safety in construction. The Grenfell Tower disaster was a wake-up call in the UK but far too many people are still killed in building fires worldwide. I believe that the experts who have joined the coalition will play a vital part in making buildings everywhere safer for everyone.”
The International Fire Safety Standards Coalition consists of local and international professional bodies and standard-setting organisations committed to developing and supporting, in the public interest, a shared set of standards for fire safety in buildings. The standards aim to set and reinforce the best practice for professionals to ensure building safety in the event of a fire. 
Notes for Editors
1. The International Fire Safety Standards Coalition [IFSS] was launched at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on 9 July 2018. More information can be found at: www.unece.org/index.php?id=49147 
2. Standard Setting Committee experts include:
Ales Jug
Ben Bradford
Beth Tubbs
Birgette Messerschmidt
Jonathan Barnett
Daniel Joyeux
Dr Paul Stollard
Dr Tony Enright
Dwayne Sloan
Frances Peacock
Graham Smith
Greg Payne
Jeff Wood
John Lewis
Kevin Hughes
Lorna Stimpson
Martin Conlon
Professor Sam Allwinkle
Robert Thilthorpe
Tim Neal
William Koffel
Executive Secretary – Alexander Aronsohn
3. Current Coalition Members:
ABC Association of Building Compliance (NZ) www.abciqp.org.nz/about
ACAI Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors www.approvedinspectors.org.uk/
AEEBC The Association of European Experts in Building and Construction http://aeebc.org/
API Australian Property Institute www.api.org.au/
APS Association for Project Safety www.aps.org.uk/
BAFE British Approvals for Fire Equipment  www.bafe.org.uk/about-us/
BCA Building Control Alliance buildingcontrolalliance.org/
BIFM British Institute of Facilities Management www.bifm.org.uk/bifm/home
BSSIG Building Surveyors Special Interest Group (South Africa)
CABE Chartered Association of Building Engineers www.cbuilde.com/the-cabe/
CASLE Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy www.casle.org/
CEBC Consortium of European Building Control bodies www.cebc.eu/
CFPA-Asia Confederation of Fire Protection Associations – Asia www.cfpaa.com
CIBSE Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers  www.cibse.org/
CIOB Chartered Institute of Building www.ciob.org/
CTBUH Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat www.ctbuh.org/
CTIF International Association of Fire & Rescue Services https://ctif.org/
Engineers Australia www.engineersaustralia.org.au/
FIA Fire Industry Association www.fia.uk.com/
4. The Association for Project Safety [APS] is a professional body dedicated to eliminating deaths, reducing injury and tackling ill-health associated with construction. APS aims to improve, and promote excellence in, professional practice in design and construction health and safety risk management, helping everyone manage risk and implement building regulations effectively and proportionately. The association contributes to the national debate on building and infrastructure safety, regulation and legislation, providing training, education and support and member networking opportunities. APS works with other bodies and partners to improve – through good design and throughout the life-cycle of projects and buildings – health and safety for everyone involved in construction and use.
5. Contact APS at: Lesley.mcleod@aps.org.uk/ 01314426600/ 07764246642 [out of hours]

Source: APS