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Help make the CDM regulations work better for you

15/03/2019 - 12:04PM

I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks – I’m sure you know the kind of thing. My Mum - who is a game old bird but knocking on a bit - has badly broken her arm so, as I write, she is set up in my spare room because currently, she can’t manage on her own. She has a nasty - but quite simple - injury but even that has turned her life upside-down. We won’t go into what it is doing for mine.

It brought me up short and made me think about the mundane risks we all take – even without factoring in the inevitable hazards associated with work in construction.

Every day the professional members of the Association for Project Safety [APS] help mitigate the threats workers and users face. You have to plan for the obvious as well as remaining perceptive about the ways people will really behave and not how we might wish them to act. It’s not easy and it takes real skill, knowledge and experience. Getting is wrong can end up in court but, much worse, it can result in loss of life.

The Construction [Design and Management] Regulations 2015 were designed to cut costs and bureaucracy without compromising safety. After five years they are due to be reviewed by government and we are looking for your help. The APS wants to help policy makers make the CDM Regulations work better and you may have noticed we are asking you what you think has worked well, what has been less of a success and how things can be improved. Look out for special consultation meetings around the regions and, if you haven’t yet had the chance, please take ten minutes to complete the survey which should have dropped into your in-box on Monday 11 March. We really need and appreciate your help.

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The results of the survey and the consultation meetings will form an important part of this year's APS National Conference in Sheffield in September.  There are still early bird tickets on sale with 30% off the full price but hurry as this offer ends of Sunday 17 March at midnight. 

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