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Good design is crucial in delivering good infrastructure - APS response

08/12/2016 - 12:44PM

Earlier this week (Tues 6 Dec) in a speech to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, National Infrastructure Commission Chief Executive, Phil Graham, announced an exciting new partnership with design agency 5th Studio to place quality design at the heart of the NIC’s work. 

This speech is encouraging news for the Association for Project Safety. The partnership looks to meet the challenge of the lack of sufficient and suitable housing by encouraging good design in infrastructure and housing within the area, using international best practice. Announcing the partnership as part of the NIC’s firm commitment to quality design, Graham said:

“Good design is crucial in delivering good infrastructure.”

Here at APS, we wholeheartedly support this testimony; we recognise the need for sustainable housing and understand the important part that health and safety risk management plays at the design stage to reduce the future threat to the health or lives of construction workers, architects and the wider public.

Graham understands the need to work with local partners to set a strategy, not to design every aspect of the infrastructure themselves. "Good design doesn’t come from a ‘black box’ – it engages those who are affected…"

As professionals in the design and construction health and safety risk management sector, let’s work together to make sure safe working practices are implemented at both the design and construction phase of any future project. 



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