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Friday's letter from Lesley: Initial thoughts on the General Election

09/06/2017 - 11:19AM

We caught up with APS CEO, Lesley McLeod and asked for her initial thoughts on the General Election. 

"Well! That’s a bit of a turn-up. In truth, I don’t know what to say – not least as I stayed up until about 4:30 am watching the results come in. But, like the rest of the country, I got up this morning to a new world order after the most exciting general election night in years. I am a political geek and love every minute of the cut and thrust of the parliamentary battleground, but it is hard to say what last night’s tumultuous result is going to do for policies in the UK. The political direction is unclear – will the result move politics to the left or right? I don’t think anyone can tell at the moment. How will the vote impact our trading relationships with Europe and beyond? Even the markets are unsure this morning. However, I think some things are immutable: there will remain a need for more police; more money for health and education; and a continuing commitment to major infrastructure expenditure as our roads and railways need to be modernised and upgraded, and there is a demand for affordable housing. So, no matter what, there will be a need to focus on ensuring health and safety risk management remains at the heart of the construction process – and your APS will be there to help keep you abreast of what is going on, and ow it affects our industry."


Source: APS