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Friday's letter from Lesley: 5th May

05/05/2017 - 01:53AM

I'm writing this week's letter sitting in the sunshine in Greece where, despite the holiday mood, it's salutary to consider differences you see in construction practice as they serve as a reminder about why your APS exists. Everywhere there are people building and making good holiday properties and businesses ahead of the main tourist season kicking off next week. I've seen electricians, plumbers and plasterers on roofs, up ladders and down holes in the road. I've not seen a hard hat, protective mask, or safety goggles anywhere. No ear protectors. No barriers keeping road workers from vehicles. While I appreciate some countries may present more of a health and safety risk management challenge than others it opens your eyes to the inherent risks workers face - and what good pre-construction planning and thought may mitigate. We are very keen to find out what CPD training would help you and your thoughts on other services we provide. Let Laura Hardie know laura@aps.org.uk 

Look out for your membership questionnaire which will be hitting the metaphorical doormat on the 9th May. Remember. we are there to help with any technical queries you have so get in touch with Colin if you need our support.

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