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Friday's letter from Lesley: 28th April

28/04/2017 - 12:00PM

I was in sunny Harrogate this week on a panel at the BOSH conference and it was interesting to hear how much different specialisms in health and safety have in common. We may have individual areas in which we operate and take diverse paths in getting there but I was delighted to find more uniting than dividing us. Certainly, some key issues kept cropping up. There is concern that, post election and Brexit, many hard won measures may be gradually unpicked. APS will be watching out for indications that this is happening and will work to forge close alliances with partner organisations to ensure legislators and regulators are fully aware of the implications of any proposals. Another key concern is ensuring, across the industry, the UK has appropriately skilled professionals to make construction safer. APS is developing its autumn CPD programme and other information and guidance.


Source: APS

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