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Friday's letter from Lesley: 14th April

14/04/2017 - 11:12AM

I know it is unfashionable to think of Easter-time as anything other than buns, bunnies and endless chocolate but I think more traditional messages of service, trust and hope can still inform what we do regardless of any particular faith background. I believe APS is an organisation built to support the ongoing professional and development needs of our members and to help them discharge the health and safety commitment they make through their daily working lives to improve, at the pre-construction phase, the lives and wellbeing of construction workers. This is no mean aspiration and it cannot be achieved without the support of members up and down the country. Our national CPD programme is tailored to helping keep you up to date with critical issues, change and innovation. Our regions – driven by volunteers who often get precious little thanks for their efforts – know the score on the ground and can support you where you live or work. Our awards recognise and celebrate your achievements. At HQ we have access to a pool of talent, skill and expertise that can help with technical questions and queries.

Together we are stronger. But we need your views – and we need your help.

If nothing else, Easter is a time to bring families together. And we will be talking to you about helping strengthen the APS family further. Today you will see we are looking for someone to serve on our finance committee and we will soon be seeking new blood to invigorate the regional committees. If you have not been to events in your region, come along – you will be made most welcome.

Source: APS

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