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Friday's letter from Lesley: 12th May

10/05/2017 - 03:42AM

What a lively lot our Northern Ireland members are as Roz and I discovered when we joined them for their regional CPD meeting this week. It was great to see so many colleagues there and they had a first rate  who talked with a quiet passion about the law, it's implications for APS members and what they should do to protect themselves, their clients and construction workers.

CPD is clearly one of the benefits you value but we want to know much more. I am grateful to the eager respondents who have already returned their membership questionnaire. But we want to hear from you all as that is the best way to tailor what APS provides to meet your needs. 

You have until 09 June to get your answers in. I promise we will tell you what has been told to us - the bad as well as the good. And we will act in your comments and tell us what we are going to do. So, come on! Get replying!

Never received the survey? Get in touch and we will send you the link by emailing laura@aps.org.uk


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Never received the Membership Survey?