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An experience you won't want to forget

20/04/2017 - 01:28PM

and wouldn’t want to miss!

As it’s our ten year anniversary, we caught up with past winner and APS Member, Raymond Bone.  Ray was the very worthy recipient of the CDM Co-Ordinator of the Year accolade at the 2015 National CDM Awards. Here, he talks to us about his experience of entering the awards, how he always enjoys the ceremony evening, and why you should consider entering the awards…

What made you enter the CDM Awards?

Having submitted an award previously and gained success from the experience, I felt it important to submit a further entry for a different category in this year’s awards, as winning a National CDM Award commands a high level of respect.  I attended the awards ceremony last year and was really impressed by the event – it was a great evening – and so wanted to be in with a chance of winning again to attend the ceremony again.

How has winning a CDM Award benefited you, your employer and your career?

I have benefited personally as it fulfilled an ambition.  It has also demonstrated the level of commitment I have to what I do. 

My business (Abbey Construction Consultants Ltd) has also benefited; we are keen to advertise the fact that I have achieved the CDM Coordinator of the Year working on various projects.  This enforces a high level of confidence within the project team and demonstrates the commitment to CDM.

Personally, I have been asked to speak at various functions on the subject of CDM which, I consider to be a great honour and a real boost to both my business and career.

What was your experience of entering the Awards like?

I was surprised at how simple it was to collate all the information for my entry APS provided an easy to follow set of instructions and the team at APS were always on hand to provide advice and assistance throughout the whole process.

 What was your experience of the Awards evening like?

The awards evening was superbly organised and to the highest standard.  A short statement on each award followed by a short overview of the successful entry put a professional emphasis on each award.  Just about every attendee offered their congratulations. I felt proud to be a member of APS and since winning the award my sense of pride has grown even further.

Would you recommend entering the Awards to other professionals?

I would recommend other professionals submit an entry for one of the awards because, if they have success, it will demonstrate that their work practice is to a high level.  The accolade provides them with a greater confidence and will assist their business or employer going forwards by demonstrating that they commit to CDM, to their staff and to APS, playing their part in helping to make our industry safer for all construction workers.

What would you say to someone considering entering the Awards next year or even contemplating coming along the Awards Evening this year?

I have attended many awards and can safely say that APS’ awards evening is one of the best.  You are made to feel welcome by everyone at the awards, not just the APS team.  The evening also provides great opportunities for you to meet fellow professionals as well as create new friendships.  Overall, it’s an experience you won’t forget and wouldn’t want to miss!

Source: APS

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