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Construction sector fights ‘blue tape’ with single safety assessment

17/05/2017 - 06:30AM

The construction sector is working on proposals to reduce the burden imposed by clients through safety accreditations and pre-qualifications – a continuing “blue tape” problem highlighted by the survey conducted by Health and Safety at Work on CDM 2015.  

Build UK, the trade association representing major and specialist contractors, and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) hope to introduce a “common assessment standard” and that all clients and accreditation providers would use. 

This would mean that accreditations provided by one provider – such as Achilles or Constructionline  – would be fully recognised across the industry

The Build UK/CECA plan aims to cut the prequalification burden in multiple areas, including on payment records, environmental standards and insurance cover, as well as safety.

“There are two key elements to the new system; a common assessment standard, and an online source of information. We are working to deliver the common assessment standard by the end of this year, with the new system up and running by 2018.”

According to a Build UK proposal document dated April 2017, the pre-qualification information would be held by an “online source of information” that can be accessed by suppliers, accreditors, and potential client organisations. 

Contractors would only have to undergo one assessment per year, choosing between “core” and “enhanced” accreditation, and would then be fully qualified for all project tenders. 

Core accreditation would be based on submitted documents, while enhanced accreditation would require a site visit. 

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