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CEO response: sexual harassment

13/11/2017 - 11:35AM

Well, what a month it has been?  From key political figures to Todd in Corrie, from Mariah Carey to Harvey Weinstein the words on everyone’s lips are ‘sexual harassment’.  With all the news of late, we wanted to shine a light on the depressing truth about sexual harassment it’s affect mental wellbeing.  

APS CEO, Lesley McLeod was available to comment on the topic of sexual harassment: 

“No one should face unwanted comments or advances at work. Just because it has gone on for years does not mean it was OK then - and it’s not OK now. It is wholly unacceptable for anyone in a position of power or authority to subject colleagues to attention which makes them uncomfortable.

“Harassment is a misuse of power and sexual harassment is not a joke. It erodes self-belief and can lead to long-term health problems. The construction industry needs to take a stand and stamp sexual harassment out.  Now! There is a simple test of acceptable behaviour: step back and imagine the object of attention is your sister, daughter, son or partner; and then examine how you feel now.”

More about Lesley's personal experience of sexual harassment in the next edition of Project Safety Matters 

Source: APS

Sexual harassment can affect your mental health

Don't suffer in silence.  If you feel stressed or depressed talk to someone.  Mates in Mind are tacking the stigma attached to Mental ill health in construction.  More about them here!