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Catching up with Danny Coomber from Butler and Young

17/05/2017 - 03:24PM

Danny Coomber is a Director at Butler and Young. Returning to the National CDM and Student Designer Awards as a sponsor for the second year in a row, here is tells us why he chooses to get involved with the scheme year-on-year, and why seeing young professionals involved in the awards is so important to him.

Why do you choose to sponsor APS' Student Designer Awards?

At Butler and Young, we’re APS accredited CDM trainers, and were looking to engage with those working in construction. We like to share our messages and encourage these conversations with professionals in the earlier stages of their career, helping them to embrace the principles of healthy design and creative safety, as an embedded integral part of everything they do. We see sponsoring the Student Designer Awards as recognising the younger generations’ input to future health and safety.

You've sponsored the awards before and have chosen to do so again this year - why?

Last year we wanted to start making an impact beyond our day-to-day business and give special recognition where it is deserved to those doing their best to make a difference to health and safety. We were so impressed with the quality of the entries last year and in particular, the finalists, that we decided to give this award our continued support.

Not only that, we believe the National CDM and Student Designer Awards celebration event, including the House of Commons reception and the actual awards evening gala dinner, is a high-class event and one of the best we have ever been involved with – we want our brand aligned with this level of excellence.

What do you think the benefits are of sponsoring the Student Designer Awards?

This is an interesting question. For the students that enter, it is an opportunity for early career recognition of their contribution to health and safety. Plus, the award is free for them to enter, so it’s budget friendly on a student bank account too.

For the industry, it’s great to have this level of recognition; bringing young blood into the fold, as we are often seen to be a little set in our ways and not so innovative or youthful, so to speak.

For Butler and Young, it’s recognition that we believe in what we do for the wider industry. We practice what we teach and teach what we practice.

What’s the highlight of the awards evening for you?

For me it is spending time with the finalists, their families and their guests. They are often quite nervous as well as excited, and when the award winners are finally revealed, the nerves leave and only their excitement remains. They become recognised, early in their careers, in an industry that must have initially looked very daunting. I see them make their first step into an exciting career with some certainty that they can make it to the top if they chose to. It’s a very special moment.

What would you say to anyone considering sponsoring the awards this year?

Ah, all the awards are so worth sponsoring. You should seriously consider it! You may personally benefit from being a sponsor, but, you will definitely benefit those entering your award too. You also benefit the industry as a whole and that… feels good to do.

As a sponsor, APS makes you feel special as well; it’s great to think we’re working collaboratively together to help kick-start some of the students’ careers while showing others in the industry what inspirational best practice is all about.



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