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APS urges members to support case study project

19/05/2017 - 10:51AM

CASE STUDIES WANTED - Profile your expertise/contribute to raising standards across the industry/help educate others on design and construction health and safety issues.  

Two years on, we still refer to the 'new' CDM.  Many are feeling more familiar with aspects of the changes, but there remains a degree of uncertainty and nervousness about what the statutory roles ‘look like’, in practice.  The regulatory framework is intended to be flexible: the focus is on outcomes and proportionality, and each project needs to be set up in a way that works for the circumstances (and organisations) at hand.  There is not going to be a ‘one-size fits all’ definition of  'the PD'.  Similarly, there will not be definitive 'checklists' that can, for example, satisfactorily demonstrate significant risks have been bottomed out.  If definitive answers are difficult to come by, there’s no doubt that illustrative practical examples would be useful… 

A CONIAC working group (facilitated via Kevin Fear, CITB’s Health and Safety Strategy Lead and APS Fellow) is funding the development of short case studies on risk management.  The aim is to produce a suite of very short videos that get a clear ‘story’ across in a concise manner.  APS fully supports this initiative: we see practical examples as being essential for raising the profile of design risk management in construction.  

The project organisers are looking for examples of all types of duty holders, but APS members are uniquely placed to showcase work as designers, or principle designers.  All you need to do is provide an outline of the situation to CONIAC (APS can help with this), and they will arrange the rest, including organising filming and production. 

We’ve uploaded a supporting guidance document and an application form.  The guidance document gives a basic definition of the type of roles/examples they are looking for. For example, in the section on principal designers, the guidance asks for good examples of work during project setup, PCC and construction phases and asks: 

During pre-construction how did you:
•    Ensure that H&S was embedded into the design process?
•    Involve end users in the design process?
•    Etc.

Any case study material, at any scale, will prove useful.  We would like to help showcase effective approaches that organisations have found.  We are not trying to showcase complexity; we want to share examples of what works.

To get the process rolling, send a summary of the situation to CONIAC on the application form provided (APS HQ will be happy to help with this process – please contact Colin Seditas, Policy and Standards Manager).  

Completed applications can be sent directly to Kevin Fear at Kevin.Fear@citb.co.uk, or via APS through Colin.Seditas@aps.org.uk


Source: APS