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APS Statement: SKE are key to designing out risk in construction

13/11/2017 - 03:45PM

APS President, Bobby Chakravarthy, of the Association for Project Safety today, [Monday 13 November] released the following statement:

Skills, knowledge and experience are key to designing out risk in construction

“The Association for Project Safety (APS) believes any construction project needs to be designed by people with the right skills, knowledge, and experience for that particular project. We agree with the London Fire Service’s submission to the recent review of fire and building regulations. Effective design, delivered by people with the right mix of skills, knowledge, and experience, can help reduce the risk of fire and to people both living and working in buildings as well as the firefighters who may be called out. Constructors and clients need to understand their limits and responsibilities fully.  No one group of professionals has a monopoly on knowledge, which is why all projects need a suitable organisation to oversee all design decisions from a risk management perspective.”


Source: APS