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APS statement: changes to building legislation announced in the Queen's Speech 2019

14/10/2019 - 02:48PM

“The safety of residents and everyone involved in construction is of paramount importance and at the heart of the work of the Association for Project Safety [APS]. The association believes today’s Queen’s Speech announcements about building regulation in England are a positive step and go some way to ensure there is no repeat of the Grenfell disaster. The association’s national network of design and construction health and safety risk management experts supports moves to make building regulations more responsive to the demands for modern and efficient buildings, improving safety in high rise building as well as all other places people live and work. The association agrees it is vital a ‘golden thread’ hands safety information on from dutyholder to dutyholder, without break or loss of clarity, from the drawing board to decommissioning. APS is already working to ensure all members have the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake their duties properly and we look forward to working closely with legislators, the HSE, local authorities and industry colleagues to improve the skills’ base across the whole construction sector.”

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Source: APS

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