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APS goes on the road to make construction safer

19/03/2019 - 11:14AM

Proposals to make construction safer will be on the agenda across the UK, stating in Newcastle on Tuesday 19 March.  This event kicks of a further 11 events taking place across the whole of the British Isles, when professional members of the Association for Project Safety [APS] will come together to discuss the future of the Construction [Design and Management] Regulations 2015. The APS is conducting a national consultation of construction safety experts to get their views ahead of the government’s promised review of the safety ‘Bible’ every project must follow.

APS President Stella Clutton-Saunders said:

“The Association for Project Safety (APS) is carrying out a review of the CDM Regulations 2015 because we want to help make construction safer. The government said the current regulations would be reviewed after five years and we want to take a constructive approach to help improve the rules. APS believes our professional members are the real, practical construction safety experts and are best placed to provide a positive contribution to the government’s review of the regulations.

“The Government said the Construction [Design and Management] Regulations 2015 would result in savings on £19.6 million and cut unnecessary red tape without compromising workers’ safety.as a result of the reduction in the burden of health and safety

legislation. The APS wants to know how far these aims have been met but, more importantly, we want to ask how the regulations can be improved to make the future safer.”
The national roadshows will reach out to APS members across the country and to a detailed questionnaire which has gone to over 4,000 individuals and businesses. The exercise will result in a report to be launched at the APS’s annual conference in Sheffield on 4 September 2019. The APS hopes this will lead to a constructive conversation with the HSE about how best to make sensible and proportionate changes to the current rules.

Notes for editors

1. The Association for Project Safety [APS] is the professional body dedicated to eliminating deaths, reducing injury and tackling ill-health associated with construction. APS aims to improve, and promote excellence in, professional practice in design and construction health and safety risk management, helping everyone manage risk and implement building regulations effectively and proportionately. The association contributes to the national debate on building and infrastructure safety, regulation and legislation, providing training, education and support and member networking opportunities. APS works with other bodies and partners to improve – through good design and throughout the life-cycle of projects and buildings – health and safety for everyone involved in construction and use.

2. Road shows are being held in:
Leeds - 20 March 2019
Knutsford 21 March 2019
Cardiff - 9 April 2019                                                    
Bristol – 10 April 2019
Exeter – 11 April 2019 
Derby - 30 April 2019                                                                                    
Milton Keynes – 2 May 2019
London - 14 May 2019
Stansted – 15 May 2019
Belfast – 16 May 2019 
Edinburgh - 28 May 2019  

3. Media contact = Lesley McLeod on 0131 442 6600 and, out of hours, lesley.mcleod@aps.org.uk

4. Follow APS on Twitter - @apstalk


Source: APS

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