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APS asked to speak at UK Construction Week 2017

11/10/2017 - 12:48PM

APS are at UK Construction Week speaking on the the following topic: CDM - demystifying design and construction risk management

APS representatives have been asked to attend to discuss why Health and safety responsibilities cannot be ‘outsourced’.  The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations are frequently misunderstood: clients, Designers and Contractors may not fully appreciate the influence (and legal liabilities) they have in ensuring positive health and safety outcomes.  CDM places significant duties on ALL the major parties involved in any kind of construction activity and requires that they cooperate and coordinate the work they do.  This session explains, in plain English, what CDM means for all involved.  We discuss the purpose of CDM and Design Risk Management, focusing on desired outcomes rather than overemphasising regulatory labels or paperwork.

Who is the sessions aimed at 

Anyone who feels unsure about their liabilities under CDM, with a focus on SMEs and smaller projects.  This may include:

Developers and Clients

Architects and Engineers – anyone who is involved in Construction ‘Design’


SME Building firms

Local Authorities

What you will learn

Basic understanding of health and safety law in relation to Construction

Basic understanding of specific statutory roles under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Basic understanding of design risk management in construction

Basic understanding of how key players can work together to ensure compliance, positive health and safety outcomes and efficiency

Attending UK Construction Week - come say hi! 

Source: APS