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Membership FAQs

How do I get in touch?

You can call us on 0131 442 6600 from 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm on Friday or email us: info@aps.org.uk

How can I join?

The easiest way to join APS is online. Simply select your annual membership and click view to find out more information. You can apply online using the quick and easy online web forms.


There is guidance on each page to help you.


Having problems? Please contact the Membership Department who will be happy to help.

I have received a reminder for payment

You can pay your membership renewal easily online. Please login to your account and click 'your details' and subscription.

How do I login to the members area?

To access your account you will need a username and password.


  • Your password is your email address that you supplied APS upon application.
  • Your password is only known to you.
  • If you have forgotten your password please click 'Forgotten Password' and reset. Alternatively, call us and we'll help you.
How do I check my membership type?

You can log in to the members area with your username (your email address) and password. When logged in, your membership category will be displayed in the 'your details' section which can be located next to the 'log out' button.

What post-nominals can I use?

If you are an Associate Member of APS you may use: AaPS. If you are an Incorporated Member of APS you may use: IMaPS. Those who achieve Certified Member status may use: CMaPS. Find out more.

I'm thinking about leaving APS - what should I do?

We hope that you will see the value in remaining a member of APS. Voted in by members at our annual AGM (2015), our membership structure reflects our core goal to become recognised as a world-class membership body built on members whose skill, knowledge and experience in the field of construction health and safety design risk management are first class.


If you still wish to cancel your membership please call us on: 0131 442 6660.

What are the membership CPD requirements?

To maintain membership of APS every full member is required to gain at least 24 CPD points. Find out more. 

How do I self-assess my application?

To apply for some of the APS membership categories you may be required to self-assess your qualifications using our table of credit points. 


There are three tables of credits, each designed to correspond to the appropriate box within the qualifications section of the IMaPS, CMaPS and AaPS application forms. Download the table of credit points document to help with your membership application. 

How do I access the magazine?

Electronic copies of Project Safety Matters and Practice Notes are available to members only. Members must log in to view these publications. Once logged in the option to download should appear under shop. 


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