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Enter The Student Awards

APS is pleased to announce our National Student Designer awards 2018 is now open for entries.

The awards are open to all construction related design students.

The awards are intended to encourage continuous improvement in design and recognise excellence in design and construction risk management within the architectural professions. The awards are open to all construction related design students. The awards scheme is intended to introduce them to the issues of buildability, maintainability and usability and their responsibilities as designers in terms of construction health and safety risk management.

Students should outline how their thought process, during the development of their design project, contributed to the elimination of risks in the maintenance and eventual deconstruction of the building. Submissions should be approached from the perspective of a principal designer (as defined in the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015) and taking into account the “Principles of Prevention”. Where risks cannot be reasonably eliminated, students should consider innovative ways in which the risks can be reduced /managed. Further advice, regarding issues that students should consider when preparing their designs, is given on the APS website.

Details of previous student award winning entries, which demonstrate the quality of submission anticipated will be available from  Wed 21 March.  

For full details, please download our brief. 

Terms and conditions

• Submissions should include an A3 poster board (electronic format). Images should be in high resolution and in JPEG or PNG format only.

• Graphic presentation skills are also important and will be taken into account in the judging process. Accompanying notes on drawings are an excellent way of demonstrating how risks to health and safety have been managed. Diagrams showing the sequence of construction are also useful in explaining safe methods of construction. For example, sketches showing the method of accessing external elevations for maintenance and cleaning also demonstrate the students understanding of managing risks after the construction stage.

• Entries must demonstrate buildability, maintainability and usability together with a good understanding of the concepts of construction health and safety risk management. Winners will be announced at the prestigious awards ceremony following on from APS’ flagship event of 2018, the National Conference.

The awards are open to all construction related design students.

The award

  • 1st Prize £1,500

  • 2nd Prize £1,000

  • 3rd Prize £500

Feedback from our awards

It was great to see such a range of people and backgrounds at the event and we hope to see you next year... and hopefully with some exciting student designs to wow you!

Heather Bibbings, Coventry University


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Student Designer Award Brief

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