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Elections 2018: nominations

The nominations period is now open for the APS regional elections. This is your chance to stand for election to your regional committee and help shape the CPD and other activities that take place in your local area.  

What is the nominations period?

This is the period when you tell us you wish to stand for election in your region to become a regional committee member.

How long is the nominations period?

Nominations open on Wednesday 1 August and close on Friday 24 August

Can all APS members be nominated to stand for election?

Associate, IMaPS, CMaPS, Fellow and Retired members can stand for election

How to be nominated

You need to get three APS members to nominate you.  Ask your fellow APS members to nominate you.  Once you have three:;

Download the nominations form on th e right-hand-side of the page and fill it out fully, including: 

Your details

The details of those nominating you 

Write a statement about why you should be elected to the committee

Once you’ve done that email or post it back to APS by Friday 24 August

What happens next?

Your name and your supporting statement will be included on the electronic ballot going out to your region during the voting period.;

When does the voting take place?

The voting period opens on Monday 3 September and closes on Wednesday 19 September.  Results are due out at the end of September.;

You can find out more about the whole process by clicking in the box on the right-hand-side

Download the nominations form
Find out more about the APS regional elections