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Principal Designer (2 day)

This 2-day 'hands-on' course is specifically aimed at Designers wanting to take on the Principal Designer role. This course whilst similar to The Management of Pre-construction Health and Safety, contains important design risk management training and concentrates on exactly how to discharge the PD role in a proportionate manner for any size of project.

The course includes practical workshops on how to discharge the PD role.  

Location Course Provider Date
Birmingham Synergie Training 13-14 November
Manchester Synergie Training 20-21 November
London  Synergie Training  27-28 November 
Newcastle Synergie Training  4-5 December
Milton Keynes  NHBC  5-6 December 
London  NHBC 12-13 December 
Cardiff ATEB Consult 10-11 January 
Birmingham Synergie Training  15-16 January 
Liverpool  Synergie Training  24-25 January
Bristol  Synergie Training  30-31 January
London Synergie Training  1-2 February 
Glasgow  Synergie Training  6-7 February
Bristol  Synergie Training  19-20 February 
Leeds  NHBC 20-21 February 
London Synergie Training  5-6 March
Birmingham  Synergie Training  7-8 March
Newcastle  Synergie Training  26-27 March
Leeds  Synergie Training  28-29 March 
London  Synergie Training  9-10 April 
Inverness  Synergie Training  16-17 April 
Milton Keynes NHBC 18-19 April 
Edinburgh  Synergie Training  18-19 April 
Bristol  Synergie Training  25-26 April 
Birmingham  Synergie Training  7-8 May 
London  Synergie Training  9-10 May 
Manchester Synergie Training  14-15 May
Nottingham Synergie Training  16-17 May
London NHBC 30-31 May
Aberdeen Synergie Training  4-5 June 
London  Synergie Training  11-12 June 
Newcastle  Synergie Training  25-26 June 

An individual who successfully completes a Principal Designer Accredited Course may claim points towards membership of APS.   A copy of the certificate must be included with an application.

Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd

For more information or to book a Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd course, please contact: Tara Fry


ATEB Consult Ltd

For more information or to book an ATEB Consult Ltd course, please contact: Bryn Wilde



Synergie Training

For more information or to book a Synergie Training course, please contact: Steven Nelson 



For more information or to book a NHBC course, please contact: Wendy Baker

Email: WBaker@nhbc.co.uk

Tel: 0344 633 1000


For more information or to book an Arcadis course, please contact: Steve Coppin

Email: Steve.Coppin@arcadis.com

Tel: 0161 245 8700


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