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Principal Designer

These 'hands-on' courses are specifically aimed at Designers wanting to take on the Principal Designer role, and explore the practicalities of design risk management. 

Courses are between 2 and 3 days in duration*. The scope of material covered is similar to our “Management of Pre-construction Health and Safety” specification, but there is a greater focus and emphasis on the statutory PD role and DRM. Delegates will receive practical guidance and illustration on how to discharge the PD role in a proportionate manner, for any size of project. 

The course includes practical workshops on how to discharge the PD role.  

*the course will be a minimum of 2 days, but may be longer depending on the individual provider’s approach and emphasis. Some course providers may also include accreditations and approvals from other professional bodies. We suggest that you talk directly with the course providers about your particular needs.

Courses in 2019

Location                 Course Provider Date                    
Liverpool Synergie Training 4 - 5 September
Birmingham Synergie Training 11 - 12 September
London Gatwick Butler & Young 17 - 18 September
London Synergie Training 17 - 18 September
Glasgow Synergie Training 2 - 3 October
London Synergie Training 8 - 9 October
Manchester Butler & Young 16 - 17 October
Bristol Synergie Training 16 - 17 October
Birmingham Synergie Training 5 - 6 November
London Synergie Training 12 - 13 November
Glasgow Butler & Young 19 - 20 November
Manchester Synergie Training 19 - 20 November
Newcastle Synergie Training 26 - 27 November
Leeds Synergie Training 2 - 3 December
Nottingham Synergie Training 4 - 5 December
London Central Butler & Young 10 - 11 December
London Synergie Training 10 - 11 December
Edinburgh Synergie Training 11 - 12 December

Courses in 2020

Location Course Provider Date
Exeter Butler & Young 14 - 15 January
London NHBC 28 - 29 January
Liverpool Butler & Young 18 - 19 February
London Gatwick Butler & Young 17 - 18 March
Milton Keynes NHBC 18 - 19 March

Membership Points

An individual who successfully completes a Principal Designer Accredited Course may claim points towards membership of APS. A copy of the certificate must be included with an application

ABBEY Construction Consultants Ltd

For more information or to book an ABBEY Construction Consultants Ltd course, contact Samantha Campbell 


For more information or to book an Arcadis course, contact 
Steve Coppin

Ateb Consult Ltd

For more information or to book an ATEB Consult Ltd course, contact 
Bryn Wilde


Butler & Young

For more information or to book a Butler & Young course, contact 
Angela Coomber


For more information or to book a NHBC course, please contact 
Wendy Baker

Synergie Training

For more information or to book a Synergie Training course, contact 
Steven Nelson

Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd

For more information or to book a Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd course, contact Tara Fry


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