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Introduction to Principal Designer role (1 day)

This one day course is exactly what it says - an introduction to the PD role. It will let you know what the Principal Designer should be doing but does not go into the detail of the 2-day course.

It is aimed at clients and designers who might be taking on the PD role but employing a CDM Adviser to discharge the PD functions on their behalf for medium and large projects and also for those designers taking on the Principal Designer role for smaller, less complex, projects.

Courses for 2018

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Membership Points

An individual who successfully completes a Principal Designer Accredited Course may claim points towards membership of APS. A copy of the certificate must be included with an application.




Nick Bell Risk Consultancy

For more information or to book a Nick Bell Risk Consultancy course, please contact: Nick Bell


Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd

For more information or to book a Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd course, please contact: Tara Fry



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