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Design Risk Management and CDM2015 (2 day)

This course is aimed at those Designers within the construction industry who wish to improve their knowledge, understanding and ability in Design Risk Management and CDM2015 for Designers and achieve a professional and benchmarked standard, as set by APS.

Those who wish to undertake the course should be familiar with and have knowledge of the construction industry and construction health and safety which is deemed to include:

  • H&S Law and frameworks;
  • CDM 2015 and  other relevant construction related health and safety regulations;
  • How the construction industry functions, including different forms of procurement and contracts; and
  • Various typical duty holder roles and responsibilities as they apply within CDM 2015, the HSE's L153 Guidance and the CITB Industry guidance documents.


Courses in 2019

There are no open courses available at the moment however new courses become available all the time so please re-visit this page regularly.

The provider may also be able to deliver the training at your place of work if you have a number of staff who would benefit. Visit the course provider information on the right hand side of the page to find out more.


Membership Points

An individual who successfully completes the accredited course in Design Risk Management and CDM2015 may claim points towards membership of APS. A copy of the certificate must be included with an application.

Callsafe Services Ltd

For more information or to book a Callsafe Services course, please contact: Gemma Esprey



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