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Accredited courses


There are plenty of training courses available for CDM related activities, but how do you know that the course content is good practice and legally correct? 

Have the presenters and course contents been independently assessed? 

An APS accredited course gives you reassurance that the content and advice is legally correct, proportionate and value for money.   

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The Management of Pre-construction Health and Safety

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of CDM 2015.  It highlights the importance of the principles of prevention and the requirement for cooperation and coordination in the management of health and safety.  It provides practical underpinning knowledge to illustrate CDM2015 principles and practical / legal implications.  It will be of interest to Clients, Principal Designers, Designers, Contractors and Principal Contractors and those seeking to act in an advisory role.

Principal Designer

These 'hands-on' courses are specifically aimed at Designers wanting to take on the Principal Designer role, and explore the practicalities of design risk management. 

Introduction to Principal Designer role (1 day)

This one day course is exactly what it says - an introduction to the PD role. It will let you know what the PD should be doing, but does not go into the same detail as the three day course. 


It is aimed at Clients and Designers who might be taking on the PD role but employing a CDM Adviser to discharge the PD functions on their behalf or for Designers who work on small to medium sized commercial projects.

CDM2015 Awareness (1 day)

This course gives an overview of the requirements for Clients, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors, Contractors, Designers and Workers, and how the regulations apply to construction projects.

CDM2015 for Clients

This one-day, hands-on course has been specifically designed for clients and their in-house advisors.  


The course covers the client’s management arrangements (and the client brief), pre-construction information, appointments, notification, the health and safety file and so on.  The material also covers the factors to consider when selecting and working with a Principal Designer.

Principal Designer and Design Risk Management (3 day)

This APS accredited course aims to provide delegates with an awareness and understanding of the roles of a designer and principal designer under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 along with undertaking successful design risk management during a project on how to identify and manage health and safety risks, and on the design strategies to be followed.


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