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Brexit - keeping you informed

Update - Friday 20 September 2019

The Association for Project Safety is apolitical. The association is committed to working with legislators of any party to make sure all construction workers - and increasingly users of any project - are safe and their wellbeing is paramount. Members will hold their personal views but the association is, and must remain, neutral.

That said our members are all about mitigating risk. So APS is stepping up the information you may need to be prepared for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The government is to hold a series of roadshows which are open to businesses. You can find details on the right of this page.  The Construction Industry Council is also circulating material. The most up to date can be found on the right of this page as well.   

Questions about Brexit

If you have any urgent questions about Brexit, please send them in.  We will get the fullest answer we can and will share the answer with all members (keeping whoever asked the questions anonymous).  

Send your questions to info@aps.org.uk putting 'Brexit' in the subject line or click on the right of the page to send an email.  

More information

The HSE and Brexit  Visit

Government guidance on what happens if the UK leaves the EU without a deal  Visit

Withdrawal agreement and political declaration  Visit  

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy  Visit




CIC Brexit Digest

An up-to-date round-up of Brexit related news collated by the CIC 

Email your questions

Send your question to info@aps.org.uk