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Regional elections: hear from Clive Wilmott of Scotland East

27/04/2017 - 01:00PM

We caught up with Clive Wilmott, Deputy Chair of Scotland East, who was more than happy to share his experience of being a regional committee member.


How long have you been a regional committee member?

I have been a member of the APS for the past 14 years and a member of the regional committee for ten years.

What role do you have on the committee? 

I have been deputy chair for the past eight months.

Have you held any previous roles on your committee?

I was treasurer for a number of years and a co-opted committee member as well with responsibility for organising CPD events.  

What made you become a regional committee member?

A colleague of mine was on the Regional Committee, and when he decided to retire from the post, I was happy to step in as his replacement. I have always thought that being an APS member was worthwhile due to its relevance within the construction sector; being on the committee appealed to me as it allows you to have a say in the CPD for the membership in the region as a whole. 

What do you enjoy about being a regional committee member?

Being a committee member gives you an additional opportunity to keep abreast of planned changes and ensure the membership as a whole are kept updated. It also gives you access to the main players within the construction community in your region.   

Why would you encourage others to join their regional committee?

The APS has a big part to play in construction safety, probably even more so since the CDM Regulations were changed in 2015 and our role has been given more prominence. Being part of the regional committee gives you the opportunity to shape the future path of the APS and to assist other members in keeping their construction safety skills up to date. With the dreaded BREXIT looming on the horizon and the possibility that Health and Safety legislation and CDM, in particular, may be “watered down” the role of the APS is even more important. Being a member of the regional committee gives you the chance to have your voice heard at a national level; what is required is younger members becoming involved. Not only is it a bonus for your personal development it is also a great career move.