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Communication in a DRM role: make expert advice count!

04/10/2017 - 12:23PM

Our Autumn round of CPD is underway and we thought we would take the chance to catch up with speaker Sue Farmer from Miradorus on why Communication in DRM role is so important and why you should take part in our Autumn National CPD.

Why is communication in a DRM role so important?

Communication is critical in everything we do, particularly when we acknowledge that we all have a slightly different perspective on life. Most of us communicate whatever we want to say in a way that is most comfortable to us and ASSUME that the other person is ‘listening’ and understanding the message in exactly the way intended. In order to do this effectively the listener/reader needs to focus solely on the message, with no distractions - either external or internal thoughts about other matters, have the same level of understanding as me and be in a neutral mood. And then hopefully the communication will be effective! How often in real life does this actually happen - eh never!!

Now from a DRM perspective, not only is the content of the communication critical, but also that the recipient ‘gets’ the message. Therefore it is imperative that the communication is aligned to the listener otherwise assumptions, distractions and the pressure of work mean that at best the message is distorted and at worst it is just not heard!

Do you think it is undervalued?

Actually I am not sure communication is undervalued - if you ask anyone involved with DRM issues they will all tell you that good communication is key. Unfortunately we all mean something slightly different by good, and there is this overriding assumption that we can all do it! The intellectual understanding of the need and value is seldom applied in the real world - we just don’t stop and think about it until it goes wrong and then we blame everyone else!

What will delegates learn from the CPD?

Many of us get distracted by pressure of workload, personal knowledge and experience or prejudice - all of which can have a really negative impact on us and others. And when the industry talks about skills, knowledge and experience (SKE), the emphasis often seems to be on the ‘technical’ at the expense of the softer skills that make the technical advice truly effective. This session will identify what gets in our way, and how to overcome these barriers. You will learn much more about how your brain works, the enormous power our thinking has and just what you can do about it in order to enhance your communication skills. In addition there are lots of tips and techniques to help you get those all-important DRM messages across - effectively.

Any final thoughts?

You can be the best in your field, understand DRM and all the associated regulations to the ‘nth degree BUT it is all pointless if no one can understand what you are saying....or wants to listen to you. If the world you are working in sees the earth as flat - then it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them it is round they just won’t hear you and probably won’t trust you either!

Feedback from recent CPD sessions 

Feedback has been extremely positive for the Autumn round of CPD.

...opened the door to a bigger world. very interesting things to come ..

...lots to think about...

...it was excellent... 

To book a place on our CPD please take a look at the available dates and locations: https://www.aps.org.uk/autumn-cpd-fire-safety-and-timber-frame-developme...

Sue Farmer, Miradourus